Inspired by the spirit of decentralization and created to support one of the strongest examples of community power: $CAL.



last update: October 17, 2023


$TEAT Token is meant to be a source of life giving back to the $CAL community. As another decentralized project $TEAT exists and further community support $CAL continues to show the world what pure decentralization and the power of a community can accomplish!

With centralized currencies or assets, there are massive amounts of manipulation from institutional monopolies that rig the game in their favor. A truly decentralized project like $CAL does not rely on asset hoarding, money printing, or legislative manipulation. The defi community is one that opposes the old economic model and spits in the face of the concentration of wealth. One of OUR strongest tools in defi to strengthen not only our resolve, but our economic strength, is the creation of an ecosystem of adjacent and mutually beneficial digital assets.

Enter $TEAT…..

With $TEAT token the defi community has an asset to not only support, but grow the ecosystem beyond just narrative. Rather, $TEAT is true Economic asset to the $CAL community and token. With every Buy and Sell, not only will $TEAT burn $CAL, but it will also add to the liquidity. The strength of $CAL began with the community adding to the liquidity from their own pockets and $TEAT will be doing that to further push the movement with 1% of each transaction. Of course, there will also be the asset-appreciation factor considering the burn function (2% of each transaction), that will reduce the supply and increase the price of the circulating asset!

$TEAT was created to be yet another example of the power of the defi community and another tool in the fight for decentralization.

Join the $TEAT community, and join the fight today!

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